Friday, March 2, 2012

Knowing if or when you should hire a private investigator to find traces of infidelity

Infidelity not only rocks your relationship, emotionally too it is very jolting. Just imagine, suddenly you feel that the ground of faith and trustworthiness you stand so confidently upon is actually developing cracks and can crumble any time. Do you want that ground to crumble and for you to fall into a hole, or do you want to take some corrective measures to salvage your honor, self-respect, sense of fairness and if possible, your relationship, whether you are married or living with somebody?
Hiring a private investigator to find whether your partner is having another relationship (even multiple relationships for that matter) can be an excruciating decision. It is a big step towards accepting that something disastrous is taking shape and it is not just a nagging doubt. You won’t hire a private investigator, for instance, if your husband misses a dinner and cannot come up with a plausible reason; you will hire a private investigator if there is a litany of tell-tale signs.
When you hire a private investigator to find instances of infidelity it doesn’t mean that your spouse or your partner is actually cheating. Maybe there are some circumstances that are creating such a notion but you feel that confronting your partner would damage your relationship forever. So it is better to take outside help and get your doubts eliminated. Even if there are some real chances of cheating, it is always better to have your evidence ready in case you need to resort to legal help later on.
Listed below are 5 reasons when it is time to hire a detective and get your doubts sorted out, whether they are real or perceived.
1.     Sudden decrease in physical intimacy: Although there can be many reasons for this the primary reason, often it is an attraction for another person. Just make sure it is not some stressful situation at the workplace or in their career.
2.     Multiple expenses that cannot be traced: Are you finding receipts and bills you cannot make sense of in his or her possession? Does his or her credit card statement have multiple untraceable entries? Is money being withdrawn from one of your bank accounts without your being told? These are very sure tell-tale signs that your partner is brewing his or her broth somewhere else.
3.     Sudden change in appearance: If your partner has suddenly changed the way he or she dresses up and grooms his or her hair, and on an ongoing basis, then you should make a serious note of it, especially when you’re not a part of that appearance.
4.     Disinterest in family and family affairs: Is your spouse spending less and less time with the kids? Is he or she getting impatient with them? Is he or she neglecting the everyday household chores without apparent reason? Does he or she prefer to remain aloof while constantly talking on the phone? It definitely shows that your partner is drifting apart.
5.     Appearance of subtle signs only you can feel: Have you caught a sudden whiff of odor you have never detected on your partner, multiple times? Has the way your partner used to laugh at your jokes and comments altered in a weird sense? Is he or she less comfortable changing clothes in front of you? Although such signs are not very obvious, if you have been living with a person for many years, you can easily detect them.

Remember that these tell-tale signs don’t always mean that your spouse or your partner is indulging in infidelity and hence you need to hire a private investigator, but all of a sudden, if a majority of these tell-tale signs begin to manifest, then perhaps you should consider calling up one. In any case, the final decision has to be yours and you should be ready to face whatever truth the investigator brings up, hopefully, a truth that contradicts your fears.

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